The Association plays an active role in developing, coordinating and delivering training and providing support for School Councils.

Through AYSCBC, we:

  • Develop materials, as well as provide training and information to meet the needs of new and ongoing members. Some topics include:
    • Effective Meetings and Working Together
    • Know Your Role
    • The Role of the Chair
    • Confidentiality
    • Principal Recruitment
    • Policy Development and Review
    • Hiring a Secretary/Treasurer
    • Suspension Appeal Hearings
    • Your Role in Supporting Student Achievement
    • Working with Your Community
  • Assist with the planning and preparation of conferences and other events based on the interests from a school council perspective.
  • Coordinate and deliver workshops at the semi-annual conferences and to our Members in their school communities on request.
  • Set standards for our Members such as a Code of Conduct.   One has been adopted for Executive Members and a Policy re: Code of Conduct has been adopted for all Members.
  • Circulate information about other relevant professional development opportunities that are happening, both in Yukon and in other places.
  • Meet requests for assistance from Members for support and information, including face-to-face meetings and written reports as desired
  • Build up resources and ensure their availability for lending to members
  • Organize and facilitate opportunities for members to meet to discuss common issues on an occasional basis. These could be issue-focused or regionally-focused.
  • Attend learning opportunities provided by other community-based educational organizations in order to maintain requisite level of knowledge and currency in professional development and issues of importance.