Long Service Awards


On October 19, 2007, the Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards & Committees (AYSCBC) hosted Yukon`s first Long Service Awards Celebration for members of School Councils and School Boards.

The Commissioner of the Yukon, the Honourable Geraldine Van Bibber, and Minister of Education Patrick Rouble congratulated the 22 individuals with 10 years or more service and presented them with a framed certificate. Bob Laking, Chair of the Association recognized and thanked the families of the recipients during their years of service. 

The list of those who received awards along with their number of years service is available here.


On November 26, 2010, AYSCBC recognized six more individuals who had achieved long service status, serving for 10 years or longer, as Yukon School Council, School Board or affiliated association members.

Once again, Commissioner Geraldine Van Bibber and Education Minister Patrick Rouble addressed the gathering and presented certificates to the recipients. 

The six recipients were:
Judy Lightening--Takhini Elementary School Council (2000-2010)
Ted Baker--Del Van Gorder School Council (1998-2000 & 2002-2010) and, 
                             the AYSCBC Executive (2007-2010)
Jeff Hunston--Elijah Smith Elementary School Council (2000-2010)
Jenny Caesar--Ross River School Council (1996-1998 & 2000-2006 & 2008-2010)
Sue Herbrick--Hidden Valley School Council (1998-2002) and,
                            Porter Creek Secondary School Council (2004-2010)
Ed Krahn--Riverdale Jr/Jeckell Jr Secondary School Council (1991-1992) and,
                             FH Collins Secondary School Council (1994-1998) and,
                             Elijah Smith Elementary School Council (2000-2002) and,
                             the AYSCBC Executive (2007-2010)

As of fall 2010, the total number of those who had served 10 years or longer was 28.   In the 20 years since the Yukon Education Act was proclaimed, there were 968 individuals who had served in these roles, and they have contributed extensively of their time and efforts for their school communities and Yukon education in general.

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